Sarahs Favourite 3J32
Mollyandrew Wr/r
Ramadance 3R32

Goatfell Gallop 4J32
Gypsy Dreams 2S32
3 Feisty Women 3R32

Chase (Spägele) 3R32
Sound of Cara 3J32
Cat's Whiskers 3S32

Cranberry Tartelette 3J32
Beeswing 3R32
Forget Me Knot 3S32
More Elusive Muses 6J32

Ferla Mor 3R32
1314  4M32  s/r sq
Chasing the Wild Goose 5J32

Autumn Leaves 3J32
Sea Tangle of Skye 2S32
Reel of the 51st 3R32

Ball Programme
Here they are at last: The cribs for the Ball!
Endlich sind sie da, die Cribs ...
25 Jahre Münster Ballcribs.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 50.8 KB